Upstairs the cottage has three double bedrooms, each with its own distinct style. The Butterfly Bedroom is perhaps most chic, Cushions Bedroom most cosy for kids and at the end of the corridor the Master Bedroom is the most luxurious.

Master bedroom

master bedroom showing the bed, wardrobe and windows

If you are lucky surely someone will bring you breakfast in bed in the Master Bedroom.

image shows chaise longue in master bedroom

This room is the place to treat yourself, whether for you that means an indulgent start to the day or getting ready for a night out at a local restaurant.

Recline on the chaise longue and read, or gaze at the view across the fields to Redmile and Belvoir Castle.

The Master bedroom has plenty of space for two of you to make the cottage a home from home, your retreat from everything beyond the door.

The room is equipped with king size bed, chaise longue, full length mirror, twin bedside tables with drawers and a large wardrobe. On the floor you’ll find super-soft sheepskin rugs.

Butterfly bedroom

At the top of the stairs and above the dining room is the Butterfly Room.

Named for the butterfly theme represented in its cushions and pictures, like all of our bedrooms the Butterfly Room has a view of the fields beyond the village, and then the church steeple at Redmile and, a mile away, the romantic silhouette of Belvoir Castle.

Choose this room for its antique chic, completed by its Victorian fireplace and surround.

Each bed in the cottage comes with a king size continental quilt and freshly-laundered cotton sheets and pillow cases.

The Butterfly Room also benefits from a large wardrobe, bedside chest of drawers and full length mirror.

Cushions bedroom

Cushions on the double bed in the cushion room

Kids love the cushion room because they can use the cushions to make it their own sitting room.

Mid-way along the upstairs corridor and just past the bathroom is the Cushion Room, named for its surplus of cushions.

Close proximity to the upstairs WiFi booster is an extra incentive for kids to turn the Cushion Room into a den.

(You should actually find there’s reasonable WiFi connection throughout the cottage.)

We find the Cushion Room the ideal place for the youngest child to sleep. They can turn right for the bathroom or left to find TLC in the Master Bedroom.

We usually leave the bed made up as a double but if you prefer we can convert it to a single or even dress it as a couch so the room can serve as an upstairs sitting room. It’s up to you! Just let the accommodation manager know your preference when you book.