Plungar and the Anchor Inn, canalside and roadside loop, 2.5 miles

The village of Plungar is very near to Barkestone and accessible by canal path or roadside so an easy, mostly flat, walk or cycle ride for most groups. We have mapped a 2.5 mile loop for you taking in both kinds of path but of course you could make it a quicker walk by doing the whole thing there and back by the roadside or a more picturesque but longer hike by doing both legs along the canal.

Please note that there is no made path by the roadside so you will have to keep aware of motor traffic and be prepared to walk on the grass verge, which is reasonably wide. Take this route at your own risk and if in doubt stick to the canalside way. Please keep control of children, dogs and wayward adults and wear light coloured clothing. Take a torch if walking at night.